Cyrus SEM-Roof

The goal of a Tier1 collaboration is to define a joint development between Cyrus and its customers.

The roof modules contain all relevant components the hydrogen-powered bus requires.

To make vehicle production as easy as possible, a modular structure consisting of hydrogen storage (H2), H2 power unit (FC), and battery (BAT) is chosen.

Cyrus SEM-Van

The H2-Van weighs about 3500-4200 kg and can reach up to 750km of range. 

Cyrus SEM- Cab

The Cab is a heavy truck-solution, hydrogen-driven, but just as powerful as a truck driven by gas. The heavy-duty trucks can be used on construction sites on different terrain.

GreenBox HydroGenSet

Together with the company GreenBox Mobile Energy (GME), we made a concept, an off-grid solution, for power generation. With our container solution, we make sure that no matter where you need electricity, you get it!

We make it possible to generate energy, store it and use it!